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6 Important Vacation Rental Cleaning Questions To Ask Your Property Manager

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Does your property manager have best practice cleaning services in place?

park city vacation rental home cleaning services

 6 Important Cleaning Questions

Question 1 : “Do you have a dedicated cleaning team?”

iTrip Park City Answer: Yes, we actually have two professionally trained teams! One team for cleaning and disinfecting the properties, and another for post-rental inspections which ensures the property is  is guest-ready. Each property is also inspected after guests to ensure there was no damage that incurred. Each team follows the iTrip cleaning SOP (standard operating procedures). Excellent vacation rental cleaning can be difficult to find yet is one of the key factors in a successful rental.

Question 2 : “What is your relationship with your Cleaning Team?”

iTrip Park City Answer: The short answer – we have an excellent, respectful relationships with all team members! Here at iTrip Park City we value people and relationships – we work hard and we play hard! The majority of the cleaning team members have been with us for over a decade and we have very little to no turn over. All members of the iTrip family are valued team members, each supporting one another. All teams share the common goal of to providing the best customer service to guests and home owners.

Question 3: “What is your process for cleaning and disinfecting?”

iTrip Park City Answer: Cleaning services are taken seriously at iTrip Vacations Park City. Enhanced cleaning is and should be expected from all property managers. A clean property is the #1 most important amenity in our post-COVID world – it is imperative to have a professional service with a CDC-approved property procedure and process, which we do!

Each home has an assigned, professional cleaning crew trained to follow the iTrip cleaning SOP (standard operating procedures). Each uses our integrated app, which provides custom cleaning templates, real time status updates, damage reporting and more. Additionally home owners have the added benefit of specifying any special requests that the cleaners will follow (for example, please put the TV remote in the basket on the coffee table).

Triple sheeting is a standard for all iTrip Park City properties. Triple sheeting is a technique where three sheets are used to make a bed, instead of a duvet cover or bedspread. The first sheet is placed on top of the mattress protector and can be a fitted or tucked in flat sheet. Next is a flat sheet which lays between the guest and the warmth layer (blanket/insert).  All linens are professionally washed between guests at an off-site facility.

Question 4: “Do you have a linen program /  linen rentals and what does it cost?”

iTrip Park City Answer: Absolutely! iTrip Park City has a linen program which includes resort style triple sheeting, towels and kitchen linens. Our resort style triple sheeting option ensures that every home is stocked with hotel-quality linens. All bedding is washed between guests at an off-site facility.

As part of the iTrip standard all linens must be in excellent condition – free of stains, holes, fraying, pilling etc. When an item is worn out and is no longer up to standard, fresh replacements are provided and the old linens are donated to a local animal shelter. There is no extra charge or fee for the new items, they are included in the linen program. Our linen program makes it easy to maintain a high quality guest experience, which in turn equals better reviews for your home! Contact a member of the iTrip Park City team for current rates.

Question 5: “How do you know the status of cleaning for each property?”

iTrip Vacations Park City Answer: Through our integrated cloud-based systems, real time alerts are received when cleaning teams arrive and when they finish cleaning. The team uses a room-by-room template to ensure everything the owner cares about is taken care of and thoroughly cleaned and inspected. These alerts are sent to all members of our team – they’re especially helpful to our guest services team during peak seasons when requests for alternate check in / check out times are high.

Question 6: “Is there a separate process for inspecting the cleaning that was performed to ensure everything is guest-ready?”

iTrip Park City Answer: Yes! This is a critical step in ensuring that nothing is missed during the cleaning and disinfecting process. Also, the inspector provides a room-by-room custom setup to ensure the home is prepared to your specifications.

For more information on finding the best Park City property management please visit Park City’s Best Property Management Company.

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Park City Vacation Rental Demand Expected To Boom Summer 2021

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Summer 2021 will be the first time in over a year that travel will be relatively safe for most Americans. With the continuing rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine across multiple states, more of the population will be able to travel by summer 2021. Many families who’d been waiting out the pandemic to visit family and close friends are now beginning to plan extended summer vacations and plans for long-term travel. 

Among the top destinations, this summer is Park City, Utah. Park City also ranks as one of America’s favorite towns and a top vacation spot offering a large selection of activities for singles, families, and outdoor lovers. While it is safe to visit favorite destinations, many travelers are still opting to stay in private homes and vacation rental properties while traveling. 

park city utah summer 2021

Park City Rental Home’s Will Be Busy

Park City, Utah, experienced a surge in rentals over the past summer, and many of those visitors turned into homeowners. They will utilize their second homes as additional income this summer. The demand for vacation rental properties is now higher than ever and expected to continue as the pandemic becomes less of a threat to the tourism industry. 

Park City vacation rental management companies such as iTrip Vacations Park City continue to make travel safe for homeowners and vacationers alike this summer. Founder John Kennedy started iTrip Vacations Park City with his wife Dori in 2011. iTrip Vacations Park City’s dedicated local team and personalized services paired with its cutting-edge technological resources make the company one of the premier property management companies in Park City, Utah.

“We have made changes to accommodate the changing environment for homeowners and visitors to Park City over the past year, including increased cleanliness and unprecedented adaptability to change. Coming out of the pandemic, we are looking forward to continuing these practices for our homeowners and short-term vacationers this summer,” says Kennedy. 

According to a recent report, by AirB&B one of the attributes specific to the first post-pandemic trip is that people are seeking a sense of calm and security. The top emotions they want to feel during that first trip are “relaxed” (44%), “comfortable” (34%), and “safe” (33%). 

park city property management

For many travelers, Park City, Utah has become a “must-see” destination for summer 2021. If planning a trip, consider booking with a vacation rental management company, like iTrip Vacations Park City, that follows a strict protocol consistent with CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting each property. 

Summer brings excitement back to the hills of Park City, and many activities will again be available to those looking to experience their first vacation post-pandemic in the summer of 2021. Experts agree that now is the time to start reserving vacation homes for summer 2021. 

For more information on Park City vacation rentals and property management, visit Park City’s Best Property Management Company.

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6 Advantages to Buying a Vacation Home in Park City

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Park City is one of the best cities for vacation. There is beautiful weather all-year-round, from warm summers great for golfing to cold winters great for skiing. It is also home to world-renowned skiing resorts. It also has a beautiful landscape highlighted by the Wasatch Mountain Range. It is a city where you would feel content to vacation every year, so now is the time to consider buying a vacation home in Park City.

The real estate market in Utah is friendlier than in any other state, making it just one of the reasons to buy a vacation home in this desirable location. Here are six 6 Advantages to Buying a Vacation Home in Park City:

  1. Real Estate Value is Stable in Park City

Utah has one of the friendliest real estate markets. Here, real estate values are so stable that the housing downfall of 2008 didn’t have much of a lasting impact. Prices didn’t fall that deep, and more importantly, the situation seems to have made real estate values even more stable today.

Home values have been rising steadily since 2008 and expect to remain stable in the coming years. When you are buying a vacation home in Park City, you will be making a substantial investment.


  1. It Will Save You Money on Your Own Vacation

Lodging is one of the highest costs of vacationing. Renting hotel rooms for the whole family is expensive. What’s more, there are restrictions on what you can do and when you can come and leave. Room service is costly, and the food and drinks aren’t always up to your expectations.

It is more comfortable and more affordable to buy a vacation home in Park City. You can come and leave as you like, bring your pets, cook home-made meals, and more – you own the place!

  1. Mortgages are Competitive

The current tax law states that you can write off as much as $750,000 in mortgage interests. Combined mortgages for two homes cannot total or exceed $750,000. However, it can be a benefit to consider when buying a vacation home in Park City, Utah. 

  1. Make Additional Income from a Vacation Home

Many other people agree that staying at a hotel during your vacation has more shortcomings than benefits. To this end, a lot of people are willing to rent a vacation home whenever they are in Park City, and your vacation home can always be listed whenever you are not visiting. Renting out your vacation home in Park City will give you extra income to provide you with the financial flexibility you have been looking for.

Park City remains a top vacation destination. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about paperwork and maintenance. Professional rental management services such as iTrip Park City, a leading rental management company, will get you the best deals while also working around the clock to ensure that your vacation home’s privacy and security remain intact.


  1. Park City Truly is a Top Vacation Destination

Park City truly is one of the top vacation destinations in the U.S. The city is home to several world-renowned ski resorts and year-round activities for the whole family. The summers are warm, and the winters are just cold enough for an exciting ski vacation. Besides skiing, other winter activities include tubing, riding horse-drawn sleighs, snowshoe guides, and taking snowmobile tours. The city also hosts its annual winter Sundance Film Festival where you can meet some upcoming Hollywood big-wigs.


The summer also offers a wide range of outdoor activities, ranging from hiking and mountain-climbing for those seeking a challenge to golfing for those seeking to take it easy. Main Street is also robust and beautiful during summer. You can expose your kids to some exotic culture and history by giving them tours of the Park City Museum or Egyptian Theatre.



  1. Park City is the Kind Of Place You Want to Come Home To.

Park City is the kind of place you can make lasting memories with your family and friends. Considering its proximity to Salt Lake City Airport, it is easy to come and go whenever you wish. When you buy a vacation home in Park City, your family will look forward to visiting. You can quickly return to your new home whenever you want.

Final Thoughts

Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you can make. Before buying a vacation home in Park City, it is essential to consider all the critical factors, including property management. Park City is an excellent choice for those considering a second home. Contact us today or call (435) 655-5834 719) 539-6953 to find out more about our property management services. 


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